"VegasStyle" is a clothing brand, it’s “effortless fashion” it’s “Meanwhile…. Vegas Style” founded in 2016 by three organic Las Vegas individuals, either born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada or cultivated in its fast-paced culture and community. Growing up, athletic programs afforded these “Vegas Style” beings the opportunity to travel abroad, they noticed that individuals in other cities viewed Las Vegas as a fairy tale city.  A city that allowed you to lay your morals and values aside, visit Las Vegas on weekends and enjoy a wild unapologetic, irresponsible 72 hours. Tourists didn’t picture Las Vegas as a community with schools, churches, culture or even human beings!

As graduates of Las Vegas, Nevada’s very own Eldorado High School these three individuals contributed to and witnessed the growth and development of the city of Las Vegas from a 400,000-person oasis in the desert known as “Sin City” to a booming 2.3-million-person internationally iconic city that plays host to 43 million visitors per year.  Suddenly “Sin City” transitioned into Las Vegas, a convention, entertainment, sports, community and family destination that goes above and beyond to provide extraordinary excellence and the V.I.P experience, thus revealing the true essence of Las Vegas and “Vegas Style”!  “Vegas Style” Unlimited is a clothing brand dedicated to being a part of Las Vegas’s unparalleled ascent as one of the fastest growing cities in the world.  “Vegas Style” represents a new era, a tidal wave of change focused on skillfully promoting the city of Las Vegas, its people, its products and its culture “Vegas Style” as a mind-set, a community, as your best lifestyle.  “Meanwhile……Vegas Style”

Mission:  At Vega Style we are committed to inciting effortless fashion by providing style and quality above quantity while organically exhibiting the true essence of the Las Vegas Life Style. 

Values:  To provide an enjoyable purchasing experience; produce a high-quality product, that is fashionable and economic. To render personable interactive customer service and prompt, reliable shipping without exception.  

Slogan: “Effortless Fashion” 

Motto: “Meanwhile......... Vegas Style”

What is Vegas Style…. It’s Strong…. Its Effortless…. It’s Community…. It’s Rebellious…. It’s Exotic…. It’s Spontaneous…. It’s Exclusive!!!  In Vegas we like it fast and fly or swift and sexy.  That’s what Vegas Style represents “Effortless Fashion” the simplicity of sexiness, the ease suave.  Vegas Style is not just about a fabulous city, it's a mindset, it's living your best life without regret! So, whether it’s a dinner date, a pool party, a premiere show, watching the fight with the fellas, bowling with the family, turning up with your girls or just shaking the dice.  "Vegas Style" has what you need to stay cool, calm, collective and most of all “effortlessly fashionable”.  The city is alive, hit the town "Vegas Style"…… “Effortlessly Fashionable” …. because with "Vegas Style" no matter where you are, you’ll make hard look easy.